Texas trucker insurance

Specializing in Fleet Truck Insurance for Owner Operators and Trucking Companies Nationwide

We specialize in providing fleet truck insurance for:

  • Owner Operators Trucking Companies
  • Small and Large Truck Fleets
  • All Truck Types and Sizes
  • More insurance types

Some of our specialty insurance coverages' include:

  • Armored cars and trucks
  • Box trucks and delivery vehicle insurance
  • Bucket carrier insurance
  • Cement mixers and cement trucks
  • Dump truck insurance
  • Log trucks and other specialized vehicles for the logging industry insurance
  • Pickups and van insurance
  • Tow trucks and car carrier insurance
  • Tractor trailer insurance- long haul and short haul rigs
  • More insurance types

We will need the following information in order to quote a FLEET risk. Typically, you need fleet insurance when your company has 16 power units or more, but a few of our markets consider a fleet to be over 10 power units – so this is the minimum number of trucks needed to qualify as a fleet. Each account is looked at individually, but the "must haves" are marked in "red" to show that these requirements have no exceptions. Those requirements marked in red are mandatory.

To just clear our Fleet Markets, we must be able to submit the first 4 items below:

  1. Fully Completed Fleet Application (pdf)
  2. 4 years of currently valued loss runs for each line of coverage marketing. Loss run needs to be detailed about claim and driver involved.
  3. Complete Driver List needs to include the date of hire and the number of years of commercial driving experience of similar equipment
  4. Current Equipment List including current values

These remaining items must be provided to receive a firm fleet insurance quote:

  1. Current MVR’s on all drivers
  2. Driver Hiring Practice Guidelines/passenger policy
  3. Current Financials for year – must have with 25 or more units – less, if requested by market
  4. Current Fuel Tax Reports for year (IFTA’s) (ICC filings)
  5. Premiums paid for current expiring policy
  6. What is the target pricing?

Please fax or e-mail the information to us. Fax: 936-309-0050

E-mail: Sales@texaspartnersinsurance.com

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